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Law Offices of James L. Strichartz does not guarantee that the information provided on this website is accurate or complete. The articles on this website have been written over many years of practice. While efforts have been made to ensure that they reflect the laws of the State of Washington at the time they were written, the law is dynamic and changeable, and the articles on this website may no longer reflect the current state of the law in Washington or current best practices. If you are in a state other than Washington, it is likely that the laws of your state are different. Even if you are in Washington, the law as it may apply to your factual circumstances may differ from the statements and conclusions stated in the articles here.

The attorneys of Law Offices of James L. Strichartz may or may not represent you or your association. Even if we do represent you, we are not responsible for your use of this information. DO NOT act upon this information or use this information without first consulting us or another competent Washington-licensed attorney.

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We may offer an association a no-obligation initial consultation. This in no way obligates us to represent you, or to answer any specific questions. We reserve the right to deny a consultation to anybody, for any reason.

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