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LOJLS has a high volume foreclosure practice that offers the features association clients need:  Economical, creative and timely recovery of assessments or possession.

We can efficiently handle foreclosure and eviction matters in all 39 Washington counties.

LOJLS employs a large staff of paralegals to keep expenses low wherever possible.  However, at all times one of our attorneys is always available to answer any questions our clients may have.

We use the latest technology to ensure our associations are always aware of the status of their cases.  We have extensive experience with association accounting software commonly utilized by association management agents.

We offer flat fees on various foreclosure and eviction procedures, and are always cost conscious in the handling of every collection matter.

Our services include:

  • Judicial (lawsuit) foreclosures
  • Receiverships
  • Attachments
  • Nonjudicial (trustee) foreclosures
  • Deeds in lieu of foreclosure
  • Post foreclosure eviction


Carolyn Glauner, Paralegal

(206) 286-3547

[email protected]

Carissa Dahlgren, Paralegal

(206) 286-3547

[email protected]

Law Offices Of James L. Strichartz

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Law Offices Of James L. Strichartz


Office Location

201 Queen Anne Avenue North
Suite 400
Seattle, Washington 98109
206-388-0600 (phone)
206-286-2650 (facsimile)
[email protected]